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The Language Conservancy – (

The Language Conservancy’s vision is to save the maximum number of endangered languages in the Americas and the world, to become the global provider of language revitalization support, to become a beacon of hope to thousands of language communities, and to inspire worldwide action.

Lakota Language Consortium – (

Lakota Language Consortium is working to save and grow one of the largest remaining Native American language groups, Lakota, for the generations to come. We also hope that our work with Lakota may provide a blueprint for revitalization work in other Native American languages.LLC is working to ensure that the Lakota language can be used in every household of the reservation and that Lakota children can be raised as first language speakers. This work includes providing every Lakota parent with the means to speak Lakota daily, and every Lakota child with the means to become a fluent second-language speaker and writer at school. Young Lakota are already developing the language’s modern usage on every media platform. LLC’s vision is to help tribal leaders and teachers build a lasting foundation – in linguistic understanding and diligent practice — for speaking, reading and writing vibrant Lakota.