Dakota Language at the 2015 Lakota Summer Institute

2015 marked the 9th year of the Lakota Summer Institute, a joint venture of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Sitting Bull Colleg11009136_10153330067409588_3349223403705228099_ne and the Lakota Language Consortium.This years Lakȟótiyapi (Lakota Language) Summer Institute featured two classes of the Dakhóta (Dakota) dialects (which includes Isáŋthi, Sisíthuŋwaŋ, Waȟpéthuŋwaŋ, Waȟpekhute, Iháŋkthuŋwaŋ, Iháŋkthuŋwaŋna).

The Dakota language classes at LSI were introductory Dakota language classes which utilized the Dakhóta Iá Wóhdaka Po! Level 1 Speak Dakota Workbook and companion audio cd to reinforce the daily lessons taught through total physical response teaching methods.

The Lakota Summer Institute is a great place to be for first language speakers, language teachers, and language learners from beginner to highly proficient.  Everyone in attendance is extremely dedicated and enthusiastic about bringing the Dakota and Lakota languages back to health and daily use!

We look forward to the 10th annual Lakȟotiyapi/Dakhóta Iápi Summer Institute next year, see you there in 2016!


Some videos taken during the 2015 Lakota Summer Institute

Lakota Language June 2015 Part 1 from Makoché Studios on Vimeo.

Lakota Language June 2015 Part 2 from Makoché Studios on Vimeo.